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We Are Currently Changing Format
of Our CDRom Product Family

What is changing at ComicsOnCDRom...

We are currently re-designing our entire line of ComicsOnCDRom Golden Age Comics.

Please keep your eyes here for announcemts in Spring 2007 about our entire new line of ComicsOnCDRom which will have larger collections of comic books than our previous CDRoms and with easier navigation..

We will also be adding many new titles from the golden age of comics as well as huge libraries of Classic Comic Strips from 1904-1950

During this transitional period we are not offering our CDRom product because we know you will like the new CDRom's better when they come out. So please check out our download site at the links in the column to the right.. We have 100's of great classic Golden Age comics available in high resolution for your reading pleasure.

Meanwhile, we have uploaded a couple of FREE Golden Age Comics Downloads for you

This week we have a complete Spacehawk comic story from Target Comics by Basil Wolverton to download. The download is an Adobe Acrobat file.

This is an Adobe Acrobat file and is 6mb.

Also this week we have a Gallery of Jungle Comics covers with art by golden age comic artist Dan Zolnerowich at our companion comic history site.

Download them to use as your desktop graphic or just collect new covers each week.

Recent Deaths in the Comic Industry

Jack Burnley passed away last week

At 95 years old, he was the last of the great golden age Superman artists and was one of the most heralded cover artists of DC during the early forties.

Born in 1911, he went to work for DC Comics in 1939 and eventually become the artist who did Superman stories in Action Comics.

Read his biography from our companion history site

Green Lantern creator Martin Nodell passed away December 9, 2006. .

Nodel was the creator of the Golden Age era Green Lantern and later the Pillsbury Doughboy. He was also a really nice guy!.

Read his biography from our companion history site

Please Note

Please note that ComicsOnCDRom, PulpsOnCDRom and Electro-Comics downloads are not royalty free clipart and are sold pursuant to the software license on each disc or in each downloadable file. They may not be redistributed in any manner.

We do however maintain a library of images for rental for use in publication projects.

We have leased images to WizardWorld.com, Kitchen Sink Enterprises, Eclipse Comics, I-Guide Media, IMAX Film Productions and various other publishers.

Our images are available in the highest resolution for the most important projects. Please email us with information on your project and we will get back to you.

Our imgae library covers Comic Books, Comic Strips, Movie Posters and Star Photos, Pulp Magazines, Classic Advertising, Toys, Games, Gum Cards and many other areas of collectibles or historic imagery.

These are just some of the types of images we maintain in our image archive

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New Titles Are Added All the Time..

Click Here to see a Video of our CDRom factory

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